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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Azure?

It's listed as Deep Azure to be consistent with the admin-provided color wheel.

Why doesn't my link work?

You need to enter all three colors for both parents.

Will you change this thing/add a feature for me?

No. I have a full time job that does not involve making this and other hobbies, I do not have the time to be adding features for everyone who asks me to, nor do I have any interest in adding most of the features I get requests for. I have updates planned, but please do not ask me to add something. I will be deleting all PMs about this from now on.

Can I use your code? I'll credit you!

No. While I can't stop anyone from stealing it, I would prefer not to. It is not very well-written and it can be easily recoded in an hour or less.

Who made this?

Peixes #6641

Is this against the TOS?

No. No reverse engineering was used to create this and it does not burden site resources.

Are you associated with the admins?

No. I am just another Flight Rising user who wanted an easy way to see breeding spectrums and had the skills to make it.